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Tender Pearls

Depilatory wax with Cosmetic Chocolate®


The wax Tender Pearls is the very first professional tepid wax to contain some cocoa butter as well as new one phase of théobromine, this invaluable molecule which doubles the removal of hair itself of a real treating care.

Active principle : the cocoa butter regenerates the skin and shows itself merciless with the finest hairs. Its sweetness and its density establish besides a real pillow anti-pain in the lifting, transforming the event dreaded in an instant by sensual well-being.

Results : the skin is left clear, soft and satiny. The biological qualities of the Tender Pearls dispense of crossing some cream or ointment depilatory comment. The théobromine penetrates into the superior coats of the skin and protects durably the cells of the skin against their natural oxydation.

Color : deep brown-red.

Texture : supple, formulated to avoid the threads effect to the application.

Flavor : concentrated cocoa extract, specifically measured to halo the care of pleasure without disturbing the cabin.

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