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Depilatory treatment

Why to suffer ?

Enter an institute Zelda Gavizon Chocolatherapy® and feel this soft flavor of warmed beans which fills the air without ever disturbing. It’s all about Tender Pearls at good temperature, ready to work for a clear skin!

The depilatory solution Chocolatherapy® in summer conceived to satisfy two objectives :

  • Assure a perfect removal of hair which stopped the pain (thanks to the cocoa butter)
  • Optimize the session by integrating into the product a real treating care which repairs and protects the skin (action of theobromine).

Under heat, the cocoa butter regenerates the skin and shows itself merciless with hairs the thickest as the finest. By its mechanical qualities, it reduces considerably the pain to the lifting.

Theobromine penetrates immediately into the superior coats of the skin and protects durably the cells of the skin against their natural oxidation.

In the course of the sessions, your loyalty in the Tender Pearls will be rewarded: the pilosity atrophies and you will notice sharply a slow and little dense regrowth.

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