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Divine Mask ritual

The best facial skincare which is

Available in our partners’ network spas and institutes, the Divine Mask in its professional version (M800) doubles power to reveal and protect the youth of your face. Agree this beautiful breakaway of one hour when expert hands are going to conjugate five products of strong personality to make you glitter. Spectacular and faithful to each of its promises, this ritual has the gift to provide a facelift in an extreme sweetness...

Stretch out and breathe profoundly...

From the forehead to the low neck, The Expert Milk removes make-up, smooth and precise. Excellent conditioner of the skin, the butter and the magnesium of cocoa which it contains allow to linger in a delicious massage of the neck and the nape of the neck. Its naturally round and fruity fragrance opens the journey...

The Expert Lotion, tannic and tonic Lotion, takes then on a cotton the last tracks of make-up and reveals a fresh skin.

The Expert Oil, semi-dry Oil, succeeds for a length and relaxing modelling of the face. The skin absorbs the unsaponifiable of cocoa which plumps immediately the outlines of the face, ready to receive at best the Divine Mask.

Put in the finger or in a brush, your dose of mask is individual. It applies by beginning under the nose to make you benefit to the full from the energizing aromatherapy of the Cosmetic Chocolate. The volatile fractions of pure cocoa stimulate your olfactive sensors and release gradually your endorphins during the twenty minutes of pose. You dive into an unpublished well-being, haloed in the freshness of the mask.

The pose of the Divine Mask can extend in the neck and in the low neck where there is besides excellent firming up one.

The retreat is easily made with a wet sponge and already lets appear a renewed and radiant skin. Some drops of Expert Lotion come to perfect the cleaning, then it is the moment to close your ritual by the application of the Divine Serum, concentrated from our know-how which is going to protect and to prolong the effects of the mask while leaving to you a magnificently silky and unified skin.

Good treatment !

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