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Divine Mask

Face care with Cosmetic Chocolate®


Care king of the range, the Divine Mask is the quintessence of the benefactions which the cocoa can bring to a skin. Collusive in beauty of thousand unconditional users worldwide, this classic pulls its secrets of a tradition millennium which Zelda Gavizon revisits with science and happiness. By the normalising action of the Cosmetic Chocolate, this mask demonstrates an immediate efficiency on all the types of skins, without exclusive. It addresses the man as the woman, is used from the adolescence and accompanies your well-being throughout the life, at the rate of an application a week.

Active principles : fresh and dry extracts of pure cocoa, Polyphenols, Tannins, cocoa butter, vitamins A, B1, B2, Cosmetic Chocolate®.

Result : The skin is cleared of its toxin, it finds firmness and outlines, wrinkles become blurred apparently, the natural complexion is restored in a spectacular way, a maximal hydration is brought whereas you find energy and humor set fair thanks to the powerful volatile fraction of the Cosmetic Chocolate®.

Sensation to the application : freshness and lightness. Withdraws without tracks by means of a wet sponge.

Color : deep brown-red, it arises from pigments 100 % natures of the extraction of the complete cocoa.

Texture : pleasant, smooth, do not pour.

Flavor : natural 100 %, measured discreetly, subtle and envoutant, it exhales the cocoa wild and fresh, cut in the tropical forest which saw it being born.

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