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Divine Glazing ritual

The soft power in the service of your line

Find in the best cabins the mono dose precious wrap of Cosmetic Chocolate, followed by a massage draining with The Expert Oil, to associate pleasures and results of a great body care.

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The Divine Glazing establishes a major innovation in aesthetics because, for the first time, the tannin of cocoa, material particularly active but very sensitive to its environment, is extracted and stabilized in laboratory.

It will not be applied to your whole body but indeed to the zones which you will point with the advice of your beautician (thighs, belly, buttocks…).

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The body wrap is then delivered in semi-thick coat and is going to pose for twenty minutes. Its action aims at dissolving the fat zone by pulsing the micro blood circulation which drains and eliminates powerfully deep toxin. Quickly, the tannin allows to connect the fat mass, "the dead" zone, to the whole circulatory metabolism. You feel it at the muscular level. The care has besides an observable diuretic effect.

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The sensation of freshness spread in the first minutes by the ritual is necessary to restore the firmness and the tonic effect of fat tissues.

Then, as the penetration of active takes place (tannins of cocoa and seaweed laminaire) the wrap takes the body temperature by getting you a state of profound relaxation.

To note that we do not proceed to a preliminary exfoliating scrub, the wrap pulverized in the micron takes care to clean the skin in its slightest imprints. When the beautician removes your Divine Glazing after grip, such a second skin, all the toxin and dead skins are there scrupulously absorbed.

We close the ritual Divine Glazing by a long massage relaxing / draining in the Expert Oil of the nape of the neck up to feet. This generous massage is going to fill your skin with unsaponifiable of cocoa, natural complements to tannins freed by the Glazing, and redoubtable cutaneous anti-ageing product. The skin is not rinsed after massage, the oil semi-dries creating a protective movie in subtle steams cocoa green / citrus fruit.

The variants of the Divine Glazing :

In cabin as at the house, you can fire the biggest left your body wrap Chocolathérapy by applying it to specific zones where he it makes marvel.

—  Special Neck — by concentrating the application of the Divine Glazing on the neck and the top of the low neck you will quickly obtain a cast iron of the double chin and a decisive hardening of skins fine and given a parchment finish by the zone.
Special Back — very appreciated by the male clientele, this autonomous care allows a purification of the skin as well as a powerful easing of this often knotted or painful zone. It comes at the end of the fat backs and of the water retention.
Special Legs — major sedentary syndrome of modern life, heavy legs can be spectacularly eased by the draining and soothing action of the tannin of cocoa. Session so often as necessary !

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