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Pioneer since 2002.
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A vanguard flavor

It is in 2002, after three years of applied research, that the french company Zelda Gavizon Chocolatherapy® applies for the international founding patent of the use of complete cocoa for human skin.

The Cosmetic Chocolate® was born, and with him the first company in the world exclusively dedicated to cocoa skincare.

It is also in 2002 when is protected the term Chocolatherapy®, at the same time concept and qualitative label which inspires and welcomes the family of skincare based on Cosmetic Chocolate®.

Zelda Gavizon Chocolatherapy® arose from a craft excellent requierement. In a fabulous island-garden, Reunion Island (french territory in indian ocean), the brand carries the know how and the wisdom of its funder.

From the local garden to the global basket, its beauty care grow now on the five continents...

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